Sacred Garden Medical Marijuana Dispensary was broken into through the ceiling and thieves got away with some pretty pricey merchandise.

This past weekend, cameras and alarms were triggered but that didn't stop two men from dropping in a marijuana dispensary in Santa Fe for a friendly visit. The thieves broke into the Sacred Garden Medical Marijuana Dispensary through a skylight by smashing it in with a battering ram and gained access into the store.

They were fast as they were in and out in under two minutes and knew what they came in for. They took no equipment or cash, all they took was product. More specifically marijuana wax. They were able to get away with approximately $1,500 worth.

This wasn't the first attempt at burglarizing the dispensary, but the thieves previously couldn't find their way out of the store and were caught. These thieves are still on the run and the Sacred Garden Medical Marijuana Dispensary is offering a $750 reward leading to information of an arrest.

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