To borrow a line from The Poltergiest movie, they're heeeere. The so-called "Creepy Clown" trend appears to have arrived in El Paso.

Although El Paso P.D. says no one has officially called in a creepy clown sighting, several photos of clowns have been posted on various media Facebook pages.

Both of the creepy clown photos were allegedly snapped in Downtown El Paso. One was spotted “by [the] trolley construction,” according to the caption, the other, a more menacing looking clown who appears to be holding some sort of baseball-bat like object, near what looks like a bus stop. Neither of the photos have been officially vetted and may very well turn out to be fake or staged.

There have also been numerous uncorroborated comments on various Facebook pages of creepy clowns being seen in Northeast El Paso, and parks around the city.

At this point, there have not been any reports of them doing anything more than just standing around looking, well, creepy, and let's hope it stays that way. I suspect as we get closer to Halloween the sightings -- rumored and otherwise -- will increase.

The El Paso Times reports E.P.P.D. has their eye on this clown thing and are warning against making or posting threats or hoaxes involving creepy clowns. It may be just a joke to you, but the popo ain't down with it.

Note to creepy clown guys: Isn't there a less hated thing you could do with your life, like, say, join ISIS?