Christmas music has been consuming stores as early as November. You probably have already heard your favorite holiday songs played at least five times while out and about at retail stores, markets and even on your car radio.

Retailers use Christmas music to put shoppers in the mood to spend, so it's only appropriate for one retailer to team up with musicians, musicologists, composers and choirs to create the happiest song. Now, they aren't judging the happiness off of smiles, they are using science.

After Bennett received some help from others, including the highly praised London Community Gospel Choir; the happiest Christmas song has been created. Titled, 'Love's Not Just For Christmas,' this song oozes Christmas cheer. I still prefer WHAM!'s 'Last Christmas' but I can see this song taking over the holiday cheer. You can judge if you enjoy the song, but you can't argue with scientific proof of the happiness built into it.

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