You know we love us the ghosteses and haunted places here at KISS FM. We don't wait until October to talk about the paranormal, we do it all year long. Our friends over at the Wigwam Museum love the spooky stuff, too, and they are going to hit some haunted downtown locations in a pub crawl this month.

The aptly named Haunted Pub Crawl will happen on March 25 and you'll be able to see the businesses that are in some notoriously haunted locations and hear about their past lives in the early days of El Paso. The Gardner Hotel, an amazingly preserved, proudly haunted downtown hotel, will be ground zero for the pub crawl. The crawl will take you to 8 1/2, The ToolBox, Craft and Social, The Speakeasy and other surprise locations. Wear comfy shoes because it is a three-hour tour (apologies to Gilligan's Island).

You have to be 21 years or older, no exceptions. Kids can't come because you'll be going into bars. Bring your valid photo ID and you will need to sign a liability waiver and release form before the start of the tour.

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