Ok, it's not really the Thornbergs, it's a clip from the 80's miniseries The Thornbirds!  Mike and I were talking about how the 80's were the era of the miniseries and how great they were when he mistakenly called this The Thornbergs! 

If you've never seen this miniseries, it is fantastic!  It has sex, religion, a priest breaking his vows with a beautiful woman, gorgeous Australian scenery, great music, amazing love scenes, adultery - oh, the list goes on and on! 

The book was also amazing.  I read it before the miniseries debuted in 1983 DURING EASTER WEEK!  Can you imagine?!  The Church had a fit because of the subject matter, but I was completely crazy about the book and the miniseries.  My mom was horrified that I was reading the book because it was downright graphic!  But I was a bad girl and hid it in my car and read it at school, which probably explains my less than stellar grades! 

Anyway, this scene is just after a fire has killed Meggie's dad and brother and Father Ralph is coming back to comfort the family and gives into temptation for just a moment.  And no, I don't care that Richard Chamberlain came out a couple of years ago.  He will always be Father Ralph (hubba hubba) to me!