There appears to be a G-string of bizarre undergarment robberies taking place in Texas.

Authorities say they are currently involved in an ongoing investigation, which involves two-years worth of thefts, specifically of women’s lingerie. Police have deemed the culprit of these unmentionable crimes the “Panty Robber,” and they believe he is responsible for the most recent lingerie heist this week in East Texas.

According to a report issued by the Angelina County Sheriff’s Department, a burglary occurred on Tuesday, which shockingly, even included underwear that was property of a 5-year-old girl.

The fact that this person has now crossed the line and stolen children’s underwear has authorities concerned that the suspected panty thief may also be a sexual predator.

Unfortunately, even though dozens of homes have been victimized by the panty bandit, over the past two years, police say that aside from lingerie and underwear going missing, they do not have many leads.