Texas TikTok is the greatest. You get a bunch of fellow Texans who can openly share their love of Whataburger, Dr. Pepper and H-E-B without being shamed by someone who thinks In-N-Out Burgers are better. It's always great when a Texan's TikTok video shows up on my "For You Page", and trust me you can always tell when it's a fellow Texan.

I love when TikTok's involving Texas show up on my page- even more so when they collide with some pop culture. "Mean Girls" sound clips are great on TikTok and seeing people recreate some of the hilarious scenes is definitely worthy of a "Like". So imagine my surprise when TikTok user's @serjfromtexas "Mean Girls" inspired TikTok appeared on my feed. Not only did it use an iconic scene from the 2004 movie- but it added that Texas flair:

If you're not sure what scene this is- it's the moment that Cady meets "The Plastics"

According to @serjfromtexas, Houston would be Karen Smith- the dumb blonde who has a fifth sense; her boobs can tell when it's raining. El Paso would be Gretchen Wieners; because in El Paso everyone knows everything about everyone. That's also why our hair is so big, it's full of secrets. And evil takes form in Dallas- who would be Regina George; I wonder if their hair is insured for $10,000?

One of my favorite comments says:

Janis is Fort Worth; She and Regina used to be best friends but now they hate eachother!


I don't know how I feel about my hometown being the Gretchen Wieners but I'm sure that El Paso's father; the inventor of Toaster Strudel would not be too happy to hear about this! What do you think about the Mean Girls of Texas?

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