If you judge a restaurant by the size of the crowds waiting to be seated then The Shack must be king. The east side location is always full. The Shack is known for their railroad box cars surrounding their original location. The new location in central El Paso doesn't come with the box cars but it does come with the other amenities of the original. Live music on the patio, upper deck, large selection of beers and alcoholic drinks and the wings.

People can't get enough of their wings. That's an accomplishment considering that El Paso has many wing eating options. Well, I did see several negative reviews on Yelp but you wouldn't know it by the crowds. What really stands out for me is the live music. I love live music and The Shack does not disappoint in that department. They had a Tejano band on the night I was there. They had the crowd dancing and swinging to the music. the atmosphere is what makes this eatery stand out.

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