A recent story showcasing the stigma that follows and tarnishes the pit bull breed has gone viral. A pit bull puppy wasn't allowed to hang out with a bunch of other puppies at a chain pet store. Once the twitter-verse got word of this doggy drama, the company started receiving negative tweets and the puppy received praise.

These stories always break my heart because I help take care of one of the cutest pitbull puppies in the world. Well, at least I think that. Her name is Baby and she is about six months. She is full of energy and just bit through the cable cord, but I love her unconditionally.

Emily Slape

Her best friend is the family cat, Monsieur. They play outside all day and he never plays too rough. She is a perfect example of how wrong the stigma is for her breed. If you haven't heard, that stigma basically has people stuck on the idea that pit bulls are the most aggressive dog breed. Which is actually wrong, according to science.

The most aggressive dog breed, based off of the temperament test, is the Chihuahua.

Unsplash - Alicia Gauthier

Yes, the dogs that are always yapping and ALL OVER EL PASO! Coming in second is the Dachshund, which you may know as a wiener dog.

Unsplash - Vitor Fontes

You may be asking yourself right now, where does the pitbull land on this list?

A pitbull ranks 9th on the list of most aggressive dogs. Yup, it isn't even in the top 5 and yet, they get such a bad rap for just being pit bulls. Next time you see a pit bull, don't immediately freak out. Remember, a dog's behavior is learned from an owner. Give a pit bull some love.

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