We all have spotted a gnarly sighting on the Franklin Mountains over the years when driving on Transmountain or even parked. Typically the only legit spot you can get a damn good view is from Transmountain on the Westside. That gnarly sighting I am referring to is the tip of the rocky mountain shaped like an elephant.

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A few years ago I barely learned about the elephant that sits atop the Franklin Mountains. It has been a long while since I've been in that area to see it. Luckily, a local El Pasoan shared the coolest photo of it recently. A professional photographer Orlando Javier Colon snapped a really gnarly shot of the elephant and captioning it Yonaguni. You can check out the view of the elephant from up above that is below.

This time around it looks even better than it did before. In fact, it seems more noticeable thanks to all the green bushes that surround it. It looks dope as hell now and it is all thanks to the rain El Paso had. After all the rain El Paso had it sure has been looking greener than the desert we're normally used to seeing. I will say the first time I spotted the elephant someone showed me in 2018 I had a hard time seeing it.

Now years before it was harder to recognize because the rocky elephant blended in. But as of now, and after all the rain El Pasoans shouldn't have a hard time spotting it. This is another pointer of what makes the city of El Paso so unique. But next time you're traveling on Transmountain passing through the Franklin Mountains check out the elephant's new look surrounded by the green scenery. If Orlando can make a rocky elephant look good, just think how he can make you look in his professional photos.

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