As 2019 ends, so does the business of two local businesses. The Avocado has recently announced they will be closing their doors:

Many lovers of The Avocado are heartbroken over the news but cherish the memories of all the delicousness this local business had to offer.

As I continued to scroll through my social media, I saw another beloved local establishment was closing as 2019 ends. Blackbird Cantina will close their doors on New Year's Eve with a farwell party and final night.

As we honor endings of businesses, we cheer on the growth of a new one. Smash N' Roll burgers has opened up a new restaurant right down the street from our studios, in Montecillo. As you can tell from their social media, they are ecstatic about their new location.

As 2020 begins, we hope those businesses we lost this year will rise like a phoenix. Those who are growing in El Paso, we hope to join you on your journey through digital engagement.

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