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American Urban Legends are a thing.

When I just think of the word urban legends, I still think of folklore; Renaissance Era, the Brother's Grimm, and Europe, so I was a little more than skeptical when I read that American urban legends are not only a thing, there are top lists of urban legends for every state in the U.S.

In fact, according to an article in Thrillist, all you have to do is scroll their list for terrifying urban legends from Alabama to Wyoming to get the topmost disturbing legends from every state.

Being Texan of course I scrolled down the right to the T's first! 

I was a little annoyed La Lechuza and La Chupacabra weren't the number one urban legends of Texas considering our deep Mexican heritage, but after further reading, it turns out that the urban legend of the Black Eyed Kids not only relatively new, in terms of 'legend', and steadily gaining in both sightings and popularity.

In fact, the first recorded sighting of the Black Eyed Kids occured in Texas in 1996. Brian Bethel, a journalist from Abilene, Texas wrote he had an encounter with them while in his car. He continues to claim this is a true story. And he continues to claim they are terrifying.

Who are are the Black Eyed Children?

Thought Catalog offers these facts about the black eyed kids which you can read here.

But there are some common factors in the hundreds of sightings that have been recorded since then.

The Black Eyed Kids

According to multiple sources, Black Eyed Children will always ask you for something, especially if it means they can get closer to you in an isolated scenario like in Brian Bethels case when the children asked for a ride. They usually wear dated clothes. Of course, their eyes are completely black and perhaps the spookiest of all, the children leave you with a sense of dispair and caution so strongly you just know NOT to do what they ask. Freaky! I mean when was the last time you told a child in need, no? The Texans that have encountered them say, you will know when you encoutner them.

They leave no doubt, except as the what you just encountered. 

Are the Black Eyed kids; demons, spirits, or aliens?

Check out this great video on Youtube from WHAS11 who feature the FearScape Paranormal Podcast takes a more indepth look into the stories behind Black Eyed Kids


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