Steroid use is commonly associated with professional baseball players and other meathead athletes searching for a way to become stronger and more powerful than their competition - not law enforcement.

However, recently, members of the police force in Arlington, Texas were involved in a steroid scandal of their own, which is why the city now plans to implement random drug testing for its officers.

According to reports, all sworn in police officers in the city of Arlington will be required to submit to random drug screens as of October 1. This new policy is backlash for an incident earlier this year where 17-year police veteran Thomas Kantzos and his partner David Vo were arrested for buying and distributing steroids to other officers on the force.

And while Kantzos was indicted in federal court in July, his colleague David Vo did not make it to court – committing suicide shortly after he was accused. Man, talk about roid rage.

Police spokesmen Tiara Richard says that $60,000 has been approved to begin testing officers for steroids in hopes of eliminating the possibility for this type of scandal from happening again.

What do you think: Should police officers be required to submit to random drug testing for steroid use?