A Texas man who wanted to go out drinking with his friends, but whose wife didn't want him to go, is in trouble with the law after he had his friends fake his kidnapping at gunpoint. 34-year-old Rogelio Andaverde of Edinburg, Texas, really, really wanted to get his drink on, but his wife -- who evidently wears the pants in the house -- wouldn't hear of it. So Rogelio had a few of his friends storm the house wearing masks and waving guns and grab him as his terrified wife watched them throw him in their car, and drive off with him.

As Heard on Mike and Tricia Mornings:

The frantic woman called the cops, who launched an all-out search for Rogelio and his kidnappers. The cops became suspicious when they couldn't find any leads, but more so when Andaverde casually strolled in the following morning and told his wife the masked men had shown him mercy and let him go. After some intense questioning by police, Rogelio confessed to the bogus kidnapping plot and also reportedly told them he was afraid of his wife.

Andaverde has been charged with making a false report and is looking at up to a $2,000 fine and six months in prison -- plus whatever his wife does to him.

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