Anything for Salinas.

And for the University of Texas Longhorn marching band that includes paying tribute to the queen of Tejano music herself during their halftime performance Saturday, September 30.

UT's football team wasn’t the only squad in uniform that had the crowd cheering that afternoon.

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Tribute to La Reina

The Longhorn band, known as the Showband of the Southwest, lived up to its name putting on quite the show spelling Selena’s name in her now iconic cursive signature style as they performed Como la Flor, her first U.S. hit.

The late singer’s sister, Suzette Quintanilla, was watching in the stands according to KSAT, a San Antonio news station, and gave the performance her seal of approval.

It wasn’t the first time the UT marching band has paid homage to Selena. In 2019, they performed “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom” and “Como La Flor” and spelled out her name at halftime of the Sugar Bowl. The Texas Longhorns won that game, too.

The ’Selena’ El Paso Connection

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Getty Images

The film has two El Paso, Texas connections.

El Paso native Lupe Ontiveros, who plays the former fan club president who was convicted of murdering the beloved music legend, graduated from El Paso High School.

El Paso is also Erick Carrillo’s hometown. Carillo, who now lives in Los Angeles, portrays the character referred to in the script as "First Cholo.”

He’s the guy who delivers two of the most memorable lines in the movie: "This bumper was pulled off by the bus of Salinas" and the often-misquoted, "Anything for Salinas!"

Is it 'Salinas' or 'Selenas'?

Most people who quote the famous movie line have been saying it wrong.

According to Carrillo, who was asked about the line in 2021 by the digital magazine Remezcla, it's 'Salinas'. “That’s how it was written,” he told the magazine.

So, there it is Selena movie fans. If you’ve been saying anything other than “Anything for Salinas” for the last 24 years, you were Bidi Bidi Wrong Wrong. -- Kiko Martinez for Remezcla

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