El Pasoans and others across Texas who were in real danger of facing eviction at the end of the month just got a little more breathing room.  As of now, the emergency relief program in Texas will run through March 15.  The state Supreme Court went ahead an extended the Texas Eviction Diversion Program just days after the U.S. Congress passed a stimulus bill that also included an extension to the federal moratorium on evictions.

I’m sure this comes as welcome news to those families that were not sure what their living situation was going to be right after Christmas.  Losing one’s home is no easy thing to face and overcome, having to stress about it over the holidays must be excruciating to those families.

Just to clarify though, this doesn’t mean that evictions are 100% stopped, but the avenue for a family being able to stay in their home is more easily available in cases where qualifying families and landlords agree to temporarily halt eviction proceedings.  From there, the program would cover 5 months of past due rent and possibly provide additional help for a period of up to 6 months.  El Paso is currently one of the counties enrolled in this program this extension will hopefully positively impact those who need this help the most.

This year, more so that others, every available resource available to those that need them is critical.  For more information on rental assistance, visit the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs website by clicking here.

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