E.T. is that you?

Much like New Mexico has Roswell as their central hub for all things space aliens, Texas has Aurora- which was the scene of a supposed UFO crash in the late 1800s!

The main Cemetery, in Aurora, simply named Aurora Cemetery, northwest of Fort Worth, is believed to be the home of the remains of an extra terrestrial being.

In the official plaque outside the cemetery, it reads:

This site is also well-known because of the legend that a spaceship crashed nearby in 1897 and the pilot, killed in the crash, was buried here.

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The crash happened on April 17, 1897 and the extraterrestrial being has been laid to rest there since- over time, many have begun calling the alien "Ned".

Adventures with Ed Huffman via YouTube
Adventures with Ed Huffman via YouTube

Apparently at the time, it was reported that an alien craft hit a windmill and was torn to pieces, along with its occupant.

According to this article, in 2010, someone left a "tombstone" with a UFO etched onto it in the cemetery, but it mysteriously vanished just two years later. Nonetheless, many people from all over the country make the trip to Aurora to pay their respects to Ned, and to leave a little memento.

In 1986, a movie was made about the Aurora incident titled "Aurora Encounter"- but it doesn't look like it's available to stream anywhere!

Aurora is about nine hours away from the Borderland, but if you're an avid UFO enthusiast, you'll want to add the Aurora Cemetery, and Ned's "grave"  to your road trip list. Happy anniversary, Ned!

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