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Spring has sprung and the flowers are blooming in the great state of Texas! That means rattlesnakes are on the move!

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Bluebonnets and paintbrushes along with spatterings of bluebells and primroses fill the sides of our Texas highways. It's a wonderful time to drive through Texas, especially in the Hill Country.

Be forewarned though, if you're looking at a wildflower field to shoot seasonal pictures of family and friends, it's imperative that you monitor the ground for possible snakes. Rattlesnakes in particular love to play in the wildflowers too.

Here is the perfect example of what could be waiting for you as you line up your family for the perfect spring photo.

Two male rattlesnakes sparring for a female.

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This was caught on video thanks to Viral Hog a few years ago, but it's still pretty alarming.

These are Western Diamondbacks and they are the largest venomous snakes in Texas. Whether coiled or stretched out, they can quickly and accurately strike one-third or more of their body length from any position!

But bluebonnets fields are just one of the many places people need to be aware of during spring and summer when snakes in Texas are at their busiest.

Thousands, yep you read that right, thousands of rattlesnakes live on Texas beaches!

Rusty Dodson

Dr. Richard Henderson in the Galveston Wave reported in 2018 that " There are likely several thousand diamondback rattlesnakes that inhabit Galveston and Pelican Island." 

If you are traveling to Texas beaches, watch out for rattlesnakes there too!

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