We all know that Texas is big ... and way hot ... but the size difference between us and these countries around the world is incredible.

Texas is the second largest state in the United States of America. While we may be dwarfed by Alaska, all the other states, (except California), are dwarfed by us.

What's the difference between us and Alaska? It's been said that if you cut Alaska in half to form 2 states, Texas would then become the 3rd largest state.

A comment I read here says that you can even go so far as to cut Alaske into thirds and that would push us into 4th place. That's pretty freakin' BIG.

We have everybody else beat though, here and all around the world.

We are also way bigger than several, entire countries around the world. For example England is only about 1/5th the size of Texas.

Photo, Amazon
Photo, Amazon

We're twice as big as Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom.

France is pretty close to equal in size to us. We beat them by around 8 percent with France coming in at 248,573 square miles while Texas takes up 268,597 square miles.

Myanmar, (Burma), and Zambia are also close to us in size. We're just a tad bigger than Myanmar, (261,227) and not quite as big as Zambia. (290,587 vs. our 268,597).

One last thing as far as Texas vs. the world.

If the lone state state was as densely populated as New York City, (27 thousand peeps per square mile), the entire world population of 7.8 billion could fit into Texas.

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