Delivery workers are working hard out there and in this Texas heat, it really makes you appreciate that you don't have to be out there. During this pandemic, delivery workers have been the heroes we all needed,

If you're wondering how to say thank you to these workers, Lisa has a way for you to show your appreciation to these workers. One Texas woman is looking to show her appreciation to one certain Amazon worker after what she caught on her doorbell camera.

Gwen Sanchez shared her doorbell cameras footage on TikTok and is looking for the Amazon delivery man to thank him. The Amazon worker helped her out after she asked for her package to be left elsewhere when she discovered that a huge spider was living on her front porch!  Well, the Amazon delivery man took it upon himself to help out Sanchez and take care of the spider himself! (Caution: The song used in this video, "Bezos I" by Bo Burnham has some NSFW language")

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Not all heroes wear capes. Notice how this guy took his shoe off without hesitating and just went for it?

Sanchez then shared a full video of the spider on her doorbell camera:

Imagine getting a notification that says someone is at your door and you see this?!

Sanchez is hoping to find the delivery man to thank him! Someone in the comments did mention that it's her husband and that he is notorious for killing spiders around the house. Sanchez has notified us all that she has more packages being delivered and is hoping that he goes again so she can thank him. But I think we all salute this man for handling that scary spider!

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