Tesla has filed state papers to open a sales and service center in El Paso, according to El Paso Inc magazine. According to the filing, the sales, delivery and service center will be located at 7825 Helen of Troy Dr. in Northwest El Paso.

Tesla makes luxury electric vehicles and is headquartered in Palo Alto, California. It also specializes in battery energy storage. The company's CEO is billionaire Elon Musk who also owns Space X in New Mexico.

The new Tesla sales and service center will be remodeling an existing building on Helen of Troy Dr. The existing building is currently 16,734-square-foot.  Texas has a law that prohibits autos to be sold directly to the consumer. Making it difficult for Tesla to sell its cars over the internet in Texas. Some are speculating that Tesla may be building these sale/services centers as a way to get around the Texas state law. No opening date has been announced.

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