For days and days, much of Texas was in the dark and freezing in the wake of a huge winter snowstorm that shut down electricity, caused water service disruption to homes, and led people to empty store shelves faster than they could be replenished. Then Texas residents had to deal with Senator Ted Cruz's reaction to the crisis.

Cruz decided that the best thing he could do while Texans tried to stay warm and in some cases, lost that battle and their lives because of the sub-zero temperatures, was to jump on a plane and get the heck out of Texas and hang out on the beaches of sunny Cancun. When photos of him in the Houston airport and on a plane surfaced online, he spent one night in Cancun and then turned right back around and came back to Texas saying his kids wanted to go to Cancun with friends and he never intended to stay in Mexico for longer than a day.

Turns out that was a huge lie. Cruz's wife Heidi had texted friends and neighbors about joining them on a trip out of cold, cold Texas to warm, warm Mexico. She talked about how easy it would be to get there and how they could even get COVID-19 tests on the way back home.

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Cruz has been trying to look good since coming back to Texas with photo ops at water distribution sites and calling himself a "good dad" who just wanted to give his daughters their Mexican vacay. But his interview with a conservative podcast shows a different side of Cruz. Turns out he's sick of people being "assholes" and his wife Heidi is "pissed" at friends who leaked her hey-kids-lets-go-to-Mexico tweets to the media. Listen for yourself:

Cruz was even a little peeved at his neighbors putting up Beto signs when he was running against O'Rourke for his senate seat. Maybe Cruz should spend more time concentrating on being a senator and less time concentrating on how his neighbors were "rude" for putting up Beto signs. Cruz really isn't #TexasStong, he's more like #TexasWhiny.

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