A same-sex couple in Chicago claims a taxi driver kicked them out of his cab after they kissed in the backseat.

Matt McCrea and Steven White say they were booted from the taxi on the shoulder of a busy highway on a rainy night. McCrae claims the driver, Jama Anshur, “told us that it was a public transportation and I couldn't kiss him.”

After getting out of the cab, McCrea and White called police and then filed a complaint with the Illinois Department of Human Rights. They are seeking unspecified damages. McCrea said it’s a matter of principle:

We want to let people know that this is not acceptable and you cannot be treated like this. And if you are treated like this, you need to say something.”

Anshur has been cited in the complaint, as has the taxi company and its parent corporation. Anshur has been fired and fined more than $1,500 for his actions.

A spokesman for the cab company sent a mixed message about the matter, saying, “I feel bad for what happened. I don't have anything against anybody. But these guys are independent contractors. I can't control them. This is being blown out of proportion."


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