Coronavirus stay-at-home orders, amirite? We are all about to go a whole lotta stir crazy because we can't do things like we used to do. We can't go wander around Target or Walmart just to kill a little time. We can't grocery shopping without facing empty shelves and wondering when we'll see a regularly stocked toilet paper and bleach aisle again.

To top it all off, it's springtime in El Paso, and usually that means trips to the municipal rose garden in Central El Paso, but not this year. Thanks COVID-19. I've been to the municipal rose garden a zillion times and have taken a zillion pictures and because we can't get to the garden this year, I thought I'd share some of the beautiful scenery with you via the interwebs.

The El Paso Municipal Rose Garden was built in 1958. When it was originally designed, there were 200 roses planted by the El Paso Rose Society and the City of El Paso. That number has since grown to over 1460 rose bushes. There are more than 320 different rose varieties blooming on the four-acre site. There are also water features, sculptures, amazing palm trees, and other types of plants and trees rounding out the garden.

Maybe next year if we're all able to get out and about and aren't under a mask anymore because of coronavirus, we'll be able to smell the roses and you can take your own photos of one of the loveliest spots in El Paso. In the meantime, put on some relaxing music and kick back for the virtual municipal rose garden tour.

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