Outside of El Paso, there is a magical land of pomegranates just waiting to be picked.

Marcelino Nursery in Tornillo, Texas invites you and your family to take a little road trip. While everyone is out at pumpkin patches, do something a little different and pick some pomegranates.

All the cool hipster kids brought out the trend of pomegranates because of their incredible health benefits. You don't need to have a hipster mustache to enjoy these magical fruits, you can just head over and pick your own! Even if you don't want to pick your own, Marcelino Nursery offers a half gallon of pomegranate juice for sale.

At only $1.50 a pound, you can pick all the pomegranates till your heart desires! Yes, it is pumpkin season but everyone is going to be doing that. It gets crowded and you might fall over a pumpkin.

Laura Lozano Mckinley
Laura Lozano Mckinley

Now pomegranates won't trip you. They will just help you make great family memories.

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