The big game is tomorrow but the party usually starts early. Tailgating is one of my traditions with my father and brother. I'm excited to see what chaos happens this time. Will you be heading out early too?

I usually head out with my father and brother about 8:30 a.m. to our traditional tailgating place, the Village Inn parking lot. It may not be classy but it's like a second home.

We meet up with my fathers friends, who have become family over the years and they always save us a parking spot with a rusty, metal chair. They are usually already cooking a range of tailgating food favorites like hot dogs, burgers and tacos, using a keg they turned into a makeshift propane tank. Who doesn't have one of those here?

The kids are usually running around, playing street football until some falls on the asphalt. By the time we get to the game, my dad and his friends are already planning what to do at the end of the game or end up leave early to continue tailgating. Depending on the score tomorrow, I might be tailgating most of the day.

I may not have many traditions but I always look forward  to what food will be cooked this year or who is going to lose money on bets between buddies. You always meet new people when you are tailgating and I love to see what other people are doing.

If you tailgate at the Sunbowl what kind of traditions do you look forward to? I would love to know and maybe crash your tailgate party! Don't worry I'm not 21 yet so I won't steal your beer, just food! Share your traditions and stories in the comment section!

Here is a video of what you sometimes see at these Sunbowl tailgates...and it's usually my brother.