Porn Star Says El Pasoans Are 'Haters'
The El Paso Children's Hospital and UMC Foundation were doing a lot of damage control yesterday after it was revealed that a porn star would be the headliner at a fundraiser for Children's Hospital. Yesterday, the porn star fired back at the harrumphers.
Mattress Actress Set To Play Fundraiser for UMC
Nothing says a fundraiser for a children's hospital like a porn star as entertainment. In addition to worrying about an 80 million dollar debt to UMC, El Paso Children’s Hospital is now having to do damage control after it was discovered that a mattress actress was going to be t…
UMC Isn't Going To Ask El Paso Taxpayers For A Tax Increase
The bad news is, earlier this week, University Medical Center told El Paso County Commissioners Court they needed an 8 percent property tax increase to cover a $30 million budget shortfall because El Paso Children’s Hospital can’t pay them $70 million dollars they owe UMC.
The good news is, UMC is n…