I wanted to have a little fun today. Being that it's October, spooky thoughts and images are everywhere. So it got me to thinking, are their any towns in Texas that have a name that could strike fear in someone's mind or just be associated with something spooky or scary? I went through a list of every town name in Texas, which is A BUNCH, and found 17 that would fit the bill of being spooky or scary, including four from East Texas. Let's check it out.

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No Malice Toward any Town

So here's the thing, the names included on this list are only those that could have a scary or spooky connotation to them. In no way am I making fun of the town or telling some urban legend of the meth head at the corner of Main Street. That's not what this is about. This is only for fun because these town names could bring a bit of tingle down your spine just thinking them. A couple of them really are scary simply because of their pop culture connection.

Pop Culture Connection

For instance, Hawkins, Texas. We know Hawkins as the little town in Wood County with the fun little lake with the manmade beach. For fans of the Netflix series, Stranger Things, we know that Hawkins is the small town with the big secret of a hidden portal to the monsters of The Upside Down.

Another example would be Woodsboro, Texas. If you remember the Scream movies, you know that Ghostface started a killing spree in the fictional Woodsboro, California. See, just having a little fun with the names of the these towns in Texas.

So without further ado, here are the 17 Scary or Spooky Sounding Texas Town Names:

17 Scary or Spooky Sounding Texas Town Names

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