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El Paso Food Bank In Desperate Need Of Donations
The holidays are right around the corner and that means food and family, but some El Paso families have trouble putting food on the table on a regular day, much less during the holidays. They rely on the El Pasoans Fighting Hunger Food Bank to help them feed their families, but right now, the shelve…
Springfire To Headline El Paso Child Crisis Center Fundraiser
The Child Crisis Center is one of the charities we help with Mike and Tricia's Easter Basket Drive, so we know how hard they work to keep abused and neglected children safe. They also work hard to reunite families that have had difficulties, and the work they do is so important to El Paso families. …
Buy A Bear And Help The Child Crisis Center Of El Paso Save A Child
The Mike and Tricia Easter Basket Drive was a huge success this year, thanks to you, our listeners. One of the charities we help each year is the Child Crisis Center of El Paso. The Center does amazing work with abused and neglected children each year, but helping those children costs money.