Choco Taco lovers, I know that it’s been a very difficult week for you all after hearing the news that Klondike would be discontinuing their famous Choco Taco ice cream. *Cries in Spanish*

In a statement, Klondike officials said they were sorry to Choco Taco lovers for the decision and disappointment,

“We’ve experienced an unprecedented spike in demand across our portfolio and have had to make very tough decisions to ensure availability of our full portfolio nationwide.”

Well, the owners of Taconeta have been long-time Choco Taco enthusiasts and they didn’t want the delicious ice cream treats to go away before others got to enjoy them one last time.

Iris Lopez
Iris Lopez

In a video shared on the restaurant's Instagram page, Taconeta owners said that they scoured the region for all of the stock of Choco Tacos they could find and they are proud to be offering some of the last remaining Choco Tacos in the area to their customers!

“As long-time Choco Taco enthusiasts we couldn’t let these wonderful treats just ride off into the sunset,” read the post's caption.

Followers were ecstatic about this news with some saying they have never even tried Choco Tacos but now they would and others stating the obvious:

“DAMMIT you holding gold 😮”

Some followers even challenged Taconeta chefs to create their own version of a Choco Taco:

“Come on now!! You guys can make your own choco tacos!!! I've seen the delicious stuff you guys make. This would be easy!”

Choco Tacos will obviously only be featured at Taconeta for a limited time so if you want to grab some before they’re gone… FOREVERRRRR…. Then I suggest you head out to Taco Neta soon! Grab some delicious actual tacos and then have a Choco Taco for dessert!

Taconeta is located at 311 Montana 1-A, El Paso, TX.



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