When I was planning my backyard pandemic wedding, my husband really wanted to get catering from Tacoholics.

Problem was, we couldn't get a response from the restaurant. Even when we tried to just have dinner there, it was closed or the hours were crazy.

Our hearts were broken. We love Tacoholics. We just assumed they did special days or something. I even tried to message them through social media and never received a response.

This was totally understandable due to the craziness of the pandemic.

Fast forward to December 2021, and I finally understand what all the craziness was about.

As you can read below, Tacoholics has been going through some things.

They are taking their El Paso flavor to another part of Texas and I do not blame them. Tons of other restaurants have had to close or do smaller orders to just stay alive. Tacoholics is still pushing through where the industry seems to be thriving.

I give them props for continuing to show El Paso love as they will proudly represent the 915 in each order from anyone in the San Antonio/Austin metro. I am just sad to see them go.

Tacoholics doesn't completely break up with El Paso, they do promise to come back. This time with a partnership. No idea what partnership yet, but I trust it will be a beautiful one.

I appreciate the closure business owner Jessie is giving fans with his post. I was starting to give up every enjoying the deliciousness, but it is an end-of-year miracle to find out the new adventures of Tacoholics. Good Luck, Jessie!

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