If you’ve been looking for the little pink Sweethearts boxes you’re out of luck because these candies are not available for Valentine’s Day this year.

The iconic Sweethearts candies will not available this year since Spangler Candy Company bought out the candy maker this year. The Chairman and CEO, Kirk Vashaw even released a statement saying:

“We wish we could have Sweethearts out for the 2019 Valentine’s Day season, but it’s just not possible.”

The original Sweethearts candies can still be found online – but keep in mind that these are candies that were made before July of last year. Brach’s candies among other candy makers are looking to fill in the void of the original conversation candies, but it doesn’t compare to the little pink boxes full of the chalky treats.

The Spangler Candy Company will make the favored Sweethearts candies just in time for Valentine’s Day 2020. You actually don’t have to wait that long to show your love to your significant other because Johnson Jewelers is making available the official Sweethearts candy necklace. You also have a chance at scoring one of these necklaces by uploading a picture of yourself via 93.1 KISS-FM’s free app, thanks to our friends at Johnson Jewelers.

Until next year Sweethearts candies – Miss U.

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