You have to pay your taxes by April 15th, but did you know that you work to pay those taxes until Tax Freedom Day?  It's five days later than last year, which means it took almost a week longer to satisfy Uncle Sam than it did in 2012.  So what should you do to make sure you make the most of the money you make?

Suze Orman Coming To El Paso

Taxes are bad enough, but knowing that you're working for the government until mid-April is kind of tough to swallow.  Until then, you aren't technically making any money.  So how do you lessen the tax blow, and make your money work for you?

Suze Orman knows, and she'll be the keynote speaker at the YWCA Women's Luncheon, and she'll talk to Mike and Tricia Mornings on Thursday, April 18th.  You love asking Jeannie the Love Psychic questions about your love life, now it's your chance to ask questions about your financial life!

Email me at with your Suze Orman questions.  We'll put them together and get a few of them answered by Suze, and hopefully, we can all learn how to be smarter about our money!

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