The Sunset Heights neighborhood is one of the prettiest and most historic in El Paso. Every year for the past 15, some of the homes in the area have been open to the public for the Sunset Heights Tour of Homes.

You need to buy your tickets at the Hal Marcus Gallery beforehand. Tickets will be checked at the doors of each home. Proceeds from the tour go toward the Sunset Heights Neighborhood Improvement Association. They help residents keep up their historic properties so that we can continue to enjoy the area.

This year, you can tour these homes:

1. The Burges House - Home of the El Paso Historical Society. A beautiful home and a great place to find out more about the history of our town. 603 W. Yandell

2. Mural Unveiling/Viewing Pearl Apartments - 220 W. Yandell

3. Old House - 501 W. Randolph

4. Ortega Home - 713 Upson

5. Caruso House - 718 Prospect

6. Morales Home - 1020 Prospect

7. McGregor Home - 1013 W. Yandell

8. Diego & Frida Houses - 1210 & 1212 Los Angeles

9. Hal Marquez Gallery - 1308 N. Oregon

WHEN: Saturday, October 13, noon - 4 p.m.
WHERE: Hal Marcus Gallery, 1308 N. Oregon
COST - $10 for adults and $5 for children 10 and under
INFO - 915-533-9090

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