This weekend I went to my son's graduation at the Don Haskins Center and was surprised to find that one of the two elevators at the structure was out-of-order. The elevator closest to the Don has been out-of-service for months, and it seems the City doesn't have any plans on fixing it anytime soon.

The parking fee at the Sun Metro Glory Road Parking Structure is $10, and your tax dollars go toward the upkeep of Sun Metro, so you're paying twice for half the service. Yes, there is another elevator that is operational, but during a huge event like graduation, waiting for thousands of people to use that one elevator could take hours. My parents are in their eighties, but there they were, parking six floors up and having to walk down in the cold, and then having to hike back up after the ceremony. I tried to get them to let me get the car and bring it back down for them, but my dad has a cool ride that he doesn't let anyone drive!

The City needs to get off their duffs and fix those elevators. It is unacceptable that we are paying taxes for the upkeep of Sun Metro and paying to park but not getting the use of both elevators. This has been happening for months and it needs to be taken care of now.

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