Get ready for deep-fried foods, carnival rides, pig races, and the sweets sounds of country music.

Ascarate Park is a weeks away from hosting a first of a kind event for El Paso -- a good old fashioned 10 day county fair-type festival billed as The Sun City Fair.

The fair will set up on the site formally occupied by Western Playland from April 1 - April 10, 2016.

As far as planned attractions and entertainment, a check of the Sun City Fair website promises a 100 animal petting zoo, pony and camel rides (yes, camel rides!), pig races 3 or 4 times a day, and a concert by Country singer John Michael Montgomery.

Other entertainment includes The Rhinestone Roper Show (trick roping, knife throwing, and stunts by veteran trick horses), and a Las Vegas bird show featuring Eagles, Cockatoos, Emu, Parrots, and a 10 foot wingspan Condor in what is described as "a free-flying avian extravaganza."

Of course, it's a fair, so carnival rides will be part of the mix, as will "fair food" -- AKA deep fried stuff on a stick.

I love this! We have our share of fests already, music and otherwise. What we need more of is fun, family events that aren't all concentrated downtown, and I think the Sun City Fair is a promising start.


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