It will take approximately 15 seconds for the Asarco smokestacks to come down early Saturday morning, but the change to the El Paso skyline will be lasting. If you're one of the many who would rather watch the change happen in person than on television, here are a few places that have already been scouted and will make for good demolition watching:

I'm told Sun Bowl Drive behind the Sun Bowl press box, especially the lot overlooking Juárez and I-10, will be one of the best places to watch the stacks fall like dominoes. I can also personally vouch for the back parking lots of the office complex on Rio Bravo off Executive Center. The view is great, but keep in mind it is private property. Although it is an obstructed view and you won't be able to see the iconic stack hit the ground from there, the lot between Cabo Joe's and Village Inn that used to be Rudolph Chevrolet on Mesa isn't a bad location. And there's always Murchison Park on Scenic Drive. It won't be a close up view, but that's nothing a good pair of binoculars couldn't fix.

Where ever it is you choose to watch a part of El Paso history come to a close, make sure you get there early. The explosions are set to go off at 6:45 a.m. Be safe, and please be respectful of other people's property!

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