On August 3, 2019, a man walked into the Cielo Vista Walmart and opened fire, killing 22 people and wounding 27 others. He shattered the peace we usually live in here in El Paso, but he did not destroy it. El Pasoans are strong. We live alongside each other, revel in each other's triumphs like Khalid's meteoric rise to fame, and cry when someone suffers. The blocks-long lines of blood donors in the hours and days after the shooting, the millions of dollars donated, the memorials overflowing with flowers, the tears shed during the funerals of the 22 who were lost.

Almost two months later, the Museums and Cultural Affairs Department has created a Digital Memorial to honor the victims of the August 3rd shooting at Walmart on the Digital Wall of the El Paso Museum of History.

City officials say that they would like the public to submit their photos or videos to the digital memorial at DIGIE.org. The submissions that are being sought are photos and videos of the lives and legacies of the victims. They are also looking for moments from the various vigils and memorials, and community events that supported the El Paso Shooting Victims Fund.

The Museum of History wants to document and archive "the history that is occurring in this very moment.” The DIGIE wall memorial can be seen by touching the blooming Mexican Gold Poppies that have been added to the El Paso Cityscape. Poppies are used in many cultures to remember loved ones who have died. The Mexican Gold Poppy was chosen for the Digital Wall Memorial because it is native to the El Paso region.

If you would like to submit a photo, it has to be in jpeg, png or gif form and no larger than 10 megabytes when submitted. Videos can be no longer than 3 minutes and have to be in a mov, avi, or mp4 video and no larger than 50 megabytes. You can also email digitalwall@elpasotexas.gov if you have any trouble uploading your submission.

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