There is nothing worse than a car full of stupid kids. They do stupid things like speed, cut people off in traffic, and generally make asses out of themselves. This particular group of stupid kids in a car decided that they would do a little shopping at the Outlet Shoppes of El Paso while it was closed one night. They drove their car through the mall which usually only sees pedestrian traffic and isn't meant for you to drive up to the storefronts.

The group of voices in the video all seem to be coming from girls and one is heard telling her friends "Let's go to H&M" as the car careens on the sidewalks through the mall. The little brats all laugh at how funny they think that suggestion is. Their screeches and laughs are heard all the way through the video and that alone is reason to take the keys away from the pile of fools and make them walk home. Listen to the stupidity:

The comments on the post are hilarious, on the other hand. One person said the video had Canutillo High School written all over it and another person commented that it was "a stretch to assume they attended high school in the first place." That, my friends, is comedy gold and completely accurate all at the same time.

Another commenter said "It definitely smells like Starbucks and patas in there". That is hilarious probably true. Look, I'm all for a little silly fun, but this is straight up vandalism and trespassing. They might not have spray painted anything but their tires surely left marks on the sidewalk. If this was my kid I would sell the car out from under her and make her go apologize to the Outlet Shoppes people. I hope one of these days these girls have something that is important to them and a bunch of stupid girls do something stupid to it while filming themselves being stupid.

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