On July 24th, 2022, a phenomenon was spotted in the Texas sky. A bright light appeared that some people saw and others even caught on video. One question remains: What exactly streaked across the midnight sky of the Lone Star State?

Here's a few videos for those who missed it:

From Round Rock To Houston:

And even College Station!

It was even reported having been seen in Temple and Belton! According to the American Meteor Society, 219 people reported seeing the light in the sky - 2 of them coming from right here in Central Texas.

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So we go back to the original question...what was it?

Have aliens finally joined us in Texas? Or is this something way more unexpected?

Well thankfully, it doesn't seem to be anything that is alien-related (at least for now.) KHOU 11 reports that it might've been a meteoroid transitioning to a meteor. For those unaware, there are three current meteor showers ongoing.

Dr. Carolyn Sumners from the Houston Museum of Natural Science, when being interviewed by KHOU 11, said it's possible somebody could even have meteorite setting course to your house.

In a comment regarding the moment to KHOU 11: "If you saw it pass overhead as opposed to in the distance, that makes you more likely to be under one and have one fall on you. Chances are very unlikely there’s a meteorite in your front yard. But there could easily be a meteorite in somebody’s front yard.”

So is anybody going to search their front yard for a meteorite now? Let us know by sending us a message on our FREE station app.

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