Local filmmakers will soon no longer need to leave El Paso to learn the equipment necessary for their craft.

Star Central Studios, located at 1105 E. Yandell, will officially open May 21st, offering complete camera and equipment rental packages to both major motion picture companies working in the area, and local operations as well.

They also bring a chance for local film students to actually handle and work with professional grade cameras, lenses, lights and other film equipment in use today. Until now students wanting to get real, 'hands on" experience with this stuff had to leave El Paso to do so which created a "brain drain" for the Borderland in terms of filmmakers.

Star Central Studios, aka Star Central Learning Center, will offer local film students not only a learning experience but also the chance to have their own equipment and lenses tested as well as receiving tutoring on the use of todays equipment ... for FREE. The aforementioned camera and equipment rental packages, by the way, are available to students enrolled in the Digital Media Production Program at the University of Texas at El Paso or the MSU/CMI Program at NMSU in Las Cruces at discounted rates.

El Paso is on the cusp of becoming a major motion picture company "go-to" and, in order to fully capitalize on that, the first step is stop the "brain - drain". For example, and I can't say any more than this ... top secret, sorry ... Netflix is currently filming a full on series here in El Paso.

They are one of many production companies working or wanting to work here in "Star City" and could help make us a true "star" city.

In short, the movie business is booming in our area and El Paso needs to rise to the occasion and seize the moment. Hollywood was once nothing more than a ranch and look at it now. These days, with all the modern technologies available, anyplace can become a "Hollywood" and it would appear that El Paso's time has come.

For more info on Star Central Learning Center, click here or call (915) 200 - 3838.

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