If, like me, you’ve been doing more cooking at home post-coronavirus, but you’d rather not shop for needed ingredients and supplies at a grocery store every time, might I suggest taking advantage of the mostly pleasant weather spring time in El Paso offers.

For those who like their veggies and fruits direct from local farmers there are several farmers markets in and around El Paso that offer a variety of seasonal produce, and get you and the kids out of the house for a few hours on a weekend mid-afternoon.

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The El Paso Downtown Art and Farmers Market, County Club Farmers Market, Upper Valley Artists and Farmers Market, and Farmers Market at Ardovino’s Desert Crossing in Sunland Park are among the options on the west side. Eastsiders who don't want to make the drive across town now have a couple of alternatives to call their own. Mission Valley Art & Farmers Market is the latest market to tap into the local farmers market scene, and The Fountains Art and Farmers Market will be returning to The Fountains at Farah for a 3-month run beginning April 15.

If you’re up for a short road trip to our neighboring city of Las Cruces, the Farmers & Crafts Market of Las Cruces has numerous vendors slinging their wares and organically grown alternatives in a fresh air shopping setting as well.

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