Many have traveled Socorro road. Growing up in Fabens, sometimes the road didn't even have a sign, you just knew that road was the one left heading to Clint on Alameda.

It is a road I am actually scared of due to family members having a bad history with it. I have a family member who actually died on that road many years ago.

My brother flipped on this road, a couple of years ago. Luckily he was wearing his seat belt and survived.

The car not so much.

A Friendly Reminder on Seatbelts

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) El Paso division's Facebook page is great to follow for helpful tips and useful information. Below is a simulation of flipping in a car and what could happen if you are not wearing your seat belt. As I mentioned, I can not stress it enough, my brother was lucky he was wearing a seat belt because it honestly saved his life.

Speed Limit Changes to Socorro Road

Back to TxDOT's helpful tweet, they have laid out a map showing where the speed limits have changed and have addressed the new speed limit signs that have been installed. Basically, so they can make sure residents driving on this road know the changes.

People speed on this road all the time and it is a really tricky road, in my opinion. It also doesn't help that at night, those LED lights can freak you out when trying to stay in your narrow Socorro road lane.

The changes start in San Eli city limits, focusing on speed changes up to Socorro city limits.

Remember to stay safe while traveling all around El Paso.

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