O to the M to the G. It does not get much cuter than YouTube sensation Sophia Grace and her partner-in-cute Rosie, who shot to fame virally with their cover of Nicki Minaj’s ‘Super Bass.’

No seriously. These Brits are so precocious you want to scoop ‘em up and eat ‘em. The girls, dressed in pink princess dresses with tiaras and ice cream cone necklaces that were gifted to them by Minaj, take cute to the next level. It’s the British accents that make them doubly adorable. They served as red carpet correspondents for ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ at the 2011 American Music Awards.

Joe Jonas gave them hugs, while they asked Lady Antebellum to speak in British accents. When James Durbin came by, he showed that he was wearing his ‘Ellen’-branded underwear and they shrieked, “You’ve got Ellen’s knickers!”

When Katy Perry popped over, the girls shrieked enough to make us deaf, but it was adorable. Perry asked them to sing one of her songs and they rocked ‘Firework,’ which Perry joked was better than how she does it. She then asked for a kiss on the cheek and got it. Sophia Grace and Rose are like mini Perrys.

Cute isn’t even the word for it. These little ladies redefine the term.

Watch Sophia Grace and Rosie on the AMAs Red Carpet

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