I've seen a lot of weird things being sold on Facebook Marketplace, but this takes the cake... or shall I say peas?

If you recall, the last strange item I found was a Dorito in a jar. The seller claimed the chip was the most "perfect Dorito" in the world. Naturally, I was suckered right in and that premium $15 Dorito sits proudly on my desk.

Now, for the latest and greatest find from the land of Buzzards Bay: a plastic bottle of peas.

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It's going for $40.

Originally, it was going for a whopping $100, but the seller recently dropped the price like it was a Walmart 'Rollback' promotion.

All I know is that I had to reach out to the seller to get to the bottom of this weird marketplace item. That's when I met Vansh Patel of Buzzards Bay, who turns out to be a junior at Bourne High School.

I messaged Patel burning questions:

  • Can you tell me more about this bottle of peas, please?
  • Curious as to what type or brand of peas are in the bottle
  • Are the peas cooked or frozen or raw?

No response.

Finally, about five hours later, Patel returned the message non-climatically.

"It’s just a bottle of cooked peas, nothing fancy," he said.

My curiosity was through the roof. I wondered if anyone had fallen for this ludicrous item for sale. "Yes," Patel responded.

"I have sent a bottle, but the person never sent me the money."

It turns out Patel said he was raising money as a side-hustle for his video game hobby.

"At this point, I’m just going to buy a PlayStation Plus subscription code for like $10 for one month with the money in hopes that someone will buy (the peas)."

Not exactly the ending I was hoping for, but a good moral lesson to never judge a marketplace item.

You never know the struggle behind the sale.

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