The women in my family have a little secret - well, not so little, and not so secret. We are very healthy girls. I mean, we have big girls. Yes, we've got big boobs. The thing is, when you are this well-endowed, you have problems.

Your shoulders will never be the same because bra straps dig into them. Your back is always sore from hauling around your girls, and unfortunately, you have to deal with the dreaded boob sweat. If you have big boobs, you know what I'm talking about. You get out of the shower and before you know it, boob sweat. You come home from work and take off your bra to relax, next thing you know, boob sweat. The only solution is to wear a bra all the time, but no one wants to do that.

A cousin of mine found the solution online. It's called the Ta-Ta Towel. You know how the Squatty Potty revolutionized how people pooped? Well, the Ta-Ta Towel could just revolutionize the way you deal with your girls. It looks like a halter top with only the halter part. No telling if this is as comfortable as it looks, but at least it seems to solve the dreaded boob sweat problem.

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