In New Mexico, you can now load up on your ganja from the air conditioned comfort of your car or, have it brought to your home.

Our northern neighbor, New Mexico, recently legalized recreational marijuana and dispensaries are starting to pop up all over the place. El Paso's nearest NM neighbor just announced that their dispensaries can now offer drive thru service.

The Sunland Park city council ok'd drive thru and made a few other changes to the laws for their area dispensaries hours of operation. They can now be open, in Sunland Park, from 7am - midnight Monday - Saturday and 8a - midnight on Sunday. What difference that hour makes, I couldn't tell you.

All in all, Sunland Park appears to be embracing the new law, not to mention the revenue that will come from places like Everest Cannabis on Appaloosa. Sunland Park Mayor Javier Perea said, as far as he's concerned, hitting ... pun totally intended ... the dispensary is no different than going to a pharmacy. He also pointed out that Sunland Park doesn't have a lot of room for new businesses and said city council recognized the benefits this one would bring. Good for them.

Las Cruces has had dispensaries for a while now, like Green Goods on S. Valley and Everest Cannabis Company on Lohman. (By the way, Everest ... in Cruces and Sunland Park ... will deliver.)  Anthony is home to Rocky Mountain Cannabis and, soon, little 'ole Chaparral will have it's own "greenery" as well. Astrobuds is set to open up in a couple of weeks on McCombs, next to Stires.

New Mexico seems to be on top of things. How 'bout it Texas? Let's do this ...


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