Tuesday morning, Mike said Darren and I are El Paso's media power couple.  Well, yesterday I was getting my hair did, and I found out that means people will take pictures of me no matter how embarrassing the situation!

I was at my hairdresser's and had just sat down under the dryer when a woman came sailing across the salon with her phone out.  She said, "You're Tricia!", and before I could figure out how she knows me - high school?, cooking show?, Mike and Tricia in the Morning? - she snapped this picture! 

She said she sees me and Darren at basketball games, football games, etc., and said she didn't know that part of El Paso's media power couple got her hair done at the same place she did!  We talked about the show for a minute before she went off to get her nails done, but not before I asked her send me the pic so I could share it with you guys!  So SUPER sexy!

Ahhhh, the life of a celeb!