One thing you shouldn't do if you come across a snake, is offer it water like these clowns. I don't care how thirsty he looks.

We only have one venomous snake species around here, the rattlesnake, and it's time for them to start waking up.  Here are some helpful tips:

  • If you see a rattler, back away slowly and as quietly as possible. DON'T go running off in a panic. (Where there's one, there's probably another).
  • Keep pets on a leash and right next to you.
  • Keep kids on a leash and right next to you.
  • Avoid thick brush, high grass and don't haphazardly step over rocks, bushes, debris piles, etc. Look before you leap!
  • Be careful where you put your hands. Never stick them where you can't see exactly what else ... snakes or spiders & scorpions there with them.
  • Wear high boots and long pants.
  • Use caution in cool, dark places. (Caves, shady areas, crawlspaces beneath homes, etc...)
  • Avoid snake friendly areas between dusk and mid morning, that's when they're most active.

Basically, just be alert and aware of where you and your various appendages are!

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