Small Towns all across the United States are shrinking, but not Andrews, Texas.

According to CBS 7, Andrews is in the middle of a boom growing by more than 25% from 2010 to 2020.

Rural towns and cities across the United States are on the decline, shrinking by 6% during that same time period.

“It’s awesome. It’s exciting,” said Morse Haynes, the Andrews Director of Economic Development for the Andrews Economic Development Corp, “We’re always looking to move forward and do the things to grow our community.”

Andrews actually broke ground for a new courthouse, they are expanding their police department and planning a new recreation center also.

The growth of Andrews is heading north with new housing developments and business parks for new retail stores and restaurants to put in.

Andrews is even rumored to be getting a new Wendy's soon, but it is all contingent on the continued growth of the town.

Andrews will soon take over being the third-largest town in the Permian Basin, a spot that used to be occupied by Big Spring, but like the rest of the country, Big Spring is seeing its population decline slowly.

With Midland and Odessa seeing a plateau in population and Andrews continuing to grow, could it be sometime soon that Midland/Odessa/Andrews could be the trifecta in the Permian Basin?

Only time will tell, but for now, Andrews is the place to be and the place to move if you are coming to West Texas for that new oilfield job, so stake your claim of property in Andrews now while you can.


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